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How to Wash a Woven Rug

How to Wash a Woven Rug. Most woven rugs can be cleaned at home - although not all can be cleaned with water. These instructions apply to all types of woven rugs, except those made from natural fibers such as sisal, coir and hemp. However, it's best to check for and follow any instructions provided by the manufacturer.

  1. Vacuum the rug thoroughly.

  2. Add two capfuls of a mild cleaner such as Woolite to a bucket of cool water.

  3. Use a whisk or beater to whip the solution until suds form.

  4. Use a clean sponge to spread suds only on the rug, wiping gently to remove dirt. Remember: suds only; don't saturate the rug.

  5. Remove any excess suds immediately using a damp sponge.

  6. Lay the rug flat to dry.

  7. Tip

    Rugs made of natural materials such as sisal, jute and coir should not be cleaned with water. The mositure will ruin the rug's natural fibers. Instead, vacuum often, and spot clean with a damp white cloth. If the entire rug needs cleaning, call a professional carpet cleaner. If instructions say your rug is machine washable, use a cool-water delicate cycle and dry flat. Consider using a rug protector to lessen the chance of spots or stains. These are available for all kinds of rugs, including natural fiber rugs. A silk rug needs to be dry cleaned. A professional carpet cleaner can also clean woven rugs.


    Do not wash a woven rug in the washing machine, or dry it in a clothes dryer unless it is recommended by the manufacturer. Don't hang a wet rug over a clothesline - this can result in a mishapen rug. Avoid excess heat of any kind on wool rugs.