How to Build a Peanut Roaster

How to Build a Peanut Roaster. The scent of fresh roasted peanuts may be one of the most enticing aromas for the peanut lover. If you desire to have easy access to freshly roasted peanuts all the time, consider building your own peanut roaster.

These instructions are for a simple peanut roaster that can accommodate small scale production for individuals or peanut vendors.

  1. Dig out a pit or build a morter pit where you can place the kettle. A brick and morter pit is usually the best type of pit to build and it will last for a long time.

  2. Place the inner barrel, the one with a portion made to act as a drawer, inside of the larger barrel and place it in the pit.

  3. Attach the larger barrel above the heat source, shielding the inner barrel, to roast the peanuts in the bottom of the inner barrel. The heat source can be an open pit fire or an electric burner. Most people use electric burners plugged into an electrical outlet simply because they are safer. There are several types of electric burners, such as a portable ones that are usually used outside. There are also permanent electric burners that are used indoors and are simply plugged into an electric outlet.

  4. Add old peanut shells, corn husks, or sawdust for the heating source in the pit. You do not need to use gas or kerosene. This is also a great way to use low cost fuel.

  5. Tip

    Make sure you build the peanut roaster in an open space. Do not build it around trees, bushes or other things that can easily catch fire while you are roasting the peanuts. Be sure to clean up the ashes in the pit after each roasting.