How to Fix a Culligan Water Softener

A home water-treatment system can provide many health benefits for you and your family by removing most impurities found in tap water. It can be costly to have the professionals come to your home, but if you choose to correct the problem yourself you may save yourself some time and spare your pocketbook.

  1. Turn off the system by following the pipes to where they connect to your house plumbing system.

  2. Turn of the valve with the arrow pointing towards “soft” by turning it in the opposite direction.

  3. Turn of the water supply to the machine.

  4. Replace valve and distributer tube. The new distributer tube will need to be constructed. You can purchase these parts from the manufacturer or from some plumbing stores.

  5. Make sure the new distributer tube is level with the top of the resin tank.

  6. Start up the valve and set the clock timer for regeneration.