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How to Make Faux Greek Columns

Greek columns have symbolized wisdom, reason, and beauty for thousands of years. They are a major architectural element of most European styles of building. Although Greek columns are associated with refined building skill, you can design and build your own.

This article provides step-by-step instructions for building faux Greek columns that will beautify your home or garden.

Build Faux Greek Columns

  1. Decide on the placement and use of your faux Greek Column. If the column is a temporary decoration for a party simply use a large cardboard roll for the column itself. Glue the roll to two large, rectangular boxes, which form the base and capital of the column. If you want additional detail add smaller boxes between the column, its base, and its capitol. Paint the completed column with white paint.

  2. If your column is a more permanent decorative element of your home or garden consider using a large wooden column. Find a piece of wood that has been finely sanded and which contains few or no knots or irregularities. Look for a thick piece of wood whose proportions are roughly three parts length to one part width. These dimensions provide the look of stability we associate with Greek columns.

  3. The base and capital of your wood Greek columns will be made from wood boxes. Attach the wood column to the boxes using a large wood bolt extending from within the box and into the base of the column. Make sure that the base is strong enough to hold the column and that the bolt prevents the column from any movement.

  4. Paint your wood column with white paint and add any decorations you might like. Natural or plastic vines give the column a refined look and add a little life and color to the finished product. When you erect the column be sure to secure it to the floor or a wall with steel brackets. A large wooden column could be quite heavy and dangerous if knocked over. Place your column on a level, clean surface so it does not wobble or tilt.

  5. Warning

    Always secure heavy columns to the floor or wall with steel brackets