Ideas for Hiding or Covering an Exposed House Foundation

Jennifer Eblin

Your home's foundation serves a number of purposes, including keeping the house securely on the lot. Exposed foundations are functional, but often add nothing to the home's look. Typically made of concrete, the foundation picks up debris from dirt, plants, trees and a host of other sources.

Ideas for hiding or covering an exposed house foundation include ways to decorate it.


Stucco adds color and texture to the foundation of your home, but won’t interfere with the foundation itself. Home improvement stores sell stucco in large bags, which you mix on your own. You often need to power-wash the foundation before using the stucco, removing any dried-on dirt or debris from the surface. Apply the mixed stucco to the foundation with a trowel. Smooth out any bumps in the surface of the stucco or use the trowel to create a design on the stucco. The more you move the trowel during the application process, the more texture the finished look has.

Paint the Foundation

Painting your foundation covers up the existing foundation and also gives your house some additional curb appeal. Just as you would with the stucco, power-wash the foundation first. Any debris stuck to the surface of the foundation will cause bumps or imperfections in the final paint job. If your foundation has any type of texture or a brick covering, use a paint roller first. Go back over the foundation a second time with a paintbrush, filling in the gaps. Opt for a color the same shade as your house to cover or hide the foundation. Or, pick a contrasting color to make the foundation look more decorative.

Use Latticework

Latticework is essentially small pieces of wood attached together to form decorative shapes. Lean the lattice directly against the foundation or secure it into the ground and leave a few inches between it and the foundation. Lattice typically comes in shades of white or natural-colored wood, but you also have the option of painting the wood.

Decorative Plants

Decorate the front of your foundation with potted plants or plants grown in containers. Use blossoming flowers in shades that match or complement the colors of your house. When the plants begin growing, they completely hide the foundation. For a more classic look, plant shrubbery along the front of your house. Keep in mind that you must trim the shrubbery, as it can grow fairly tall.