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How to Reduce the Gloss of Interior Wall Paint

April Sanders

Sometimes it is difficult to see how interior paint is going to really look until it is up on the wall. It might be a problem with the color, or the fact that the paint is too glossy. Alternatively, you may have a can of paint that you really like, and don't want to return, but it is a bit too glossy.

Reduce the Gloss of Interior Wall Paint

It's possible to reduce the gloss of the paint in both instances.

  1. Wash the wall. If you are adjusting the gloss of paint already on the wall, wash it first with warm water, a soft rag and a mild soap. Do not scrub. Let the wall dry overnight.

  2. Sand the surface of the wall. Use a 400-grit sandpaper for a very flat finish, or a 1000-grit paper for a finish with a slight sheen. This will remove the top, glossy layer of paint. Use an electric sander for best results, protecting nearby furniture and items.

  3. Glaze the wall. If you don't wish to sand the wall, try painting a layer of a matte glaze over the paint. These glazes come in a variety of colors and textures. You can also add a texture to the wall by using a special roller to paint a pattern over the glossy paint. Choose a similar color as the glossy color.

  4. Change the lighting in the room. Reducing the light will make the walls appear less glossy.

  5. Tip

    Be sure to check the room throughout the day before making the decision to change the paint. Sometimes paint looks glossier in the morning hours when the sun is hitting the wall. Add sand. If your paint is still in the can, you can add texture to it to reduce the gloss. Your local home improvement store will have materials you can add to the paint, such as fine sand.