How to Build a Backyard Patio Roof

Adding a roof to your patio offers shade and protection from the elements, and you can easily build a flat roof on your backyard patio with a frame and metal sheeting. If you prefer to have an open roof, build it with a lattice.

Tin Roof

Check your local building codes and determine the depth for your structure posts and to obtain any required permits for building your patio roof.

  1. Measure the patio area to be covered. Metal roof sheeting is sold in a variety of lengths and widths, so take the overall dimensions of your patio roof to your local home supply store and they will advise you of the number of panels you need in order to cover your patio. You will also need treated wood posts to support the metal roof, every 8 feet around the perimeter of your patio. Treated plywood will provide the base for your metal sheets. Treated wood is mildew and insect resistant, so you should always use it for any outdoor project. All the materials for your patio roof can be found at your local home improvement supply store.

  2. Measure 8-feet increments and mark the location for your support post holes. Dig the holes in accordance with your local building codes and guidelines.

  3. Stand the posts in the holes and brace them perpendicular to the ground with wood stakes. Mix quick-drying cement according to the manufacturer's instructions and pour it around the posts. Let the cement dry.

  4. Build the frame to hold the metal sheets by attaching the 2 by 8 treated wood planks to the support posts around the perimeter of your patio. Build the cross support of your frame spanning the patio with the 2 by 12 treated wood planks, cut to size if your patio is not 12 feet wide. If it is wider than 12 feet, you will need another line of posts in place to support the frame.

  5. Attach the treated plywood sheets to the frame, beginning in a corner and working your way outward. This step is not absolutely necessary, but it will make the structure of your patio roof stronger and create a more cohesive covering. Attach the first metal sheet to one corner on top of the frame with wood screws. Cover your patio with the metal sheets. Cut the final metal sheets as needed to fit with your tin snips.

  6. Tip

    Treated wood should be sealed at least once per year to protect against moisture damage.


    Wear gloves when working with wood and metal sheeting.


  • Wear gloves when working with wood and metal sheeting.