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How to Build Box Gutters

Cameron Easey

A box gutter is a type of rain gutter which is hidden within the roof structure of a house. The gutter appears as an extension of the roof line. This type of gutter is typically found on older homes before aluminum gutters became popular features. Building a box gutter needs to be done when a new home is being built or when the roof of the home is being renovated.

Step 1

Measure the angle for the edge of the roof with a protractor or compass. Measure the rafter height 6 to 8 inches from the edge of the roof.

Step 2

Transfer the measurements to a piece of 2-by-6 lumber. Cut a notched piece with the circular saw, matching it to the end of the rafter. This notched piece is called a "lookout." Repeat this step for the number of rafters along the roof line.

Step 3

Position each lookout on the inside or outside ends of each rafter. Secure each lookout to a rafter with the nail gun.

Step 4

Attach a 1-by-2 fascia strip along the outer edge of the lookout. Place a second 1-by-2 fascia strip along the same line on the rafters. This will complete the frame for the box gutter.

Step 5

Place a sheet of tin coated steel inside of the framing for the gutter lining. Bend the tin coated metal to form the shape of the gutter.