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Different Names for Overhanging Eaves

Lisa Huston

Eaves are the lower edges of the roof that extend beyond the wall of a building or structure. The eave is used to provide weather protection to the building by creating an overhang edge along the roof perimeter. Several names have been used to describe overhang eaves.


Eaves are built along the roof line to protect the building from weather damage.

Overhang is the most common term used for eaves, since it describes the physical aspect of the eave.


Soffit is a type of eave, which is a board underneath the extended edge of the roof. Using this building term is an alternative way to describe eaves.


Molded designs along the roofline called

The cornice is an architectural term for a type of eave, which provides function and aesthetics. Cornices are ornamental design moldings projecting horizontally from the roof.


Projection describes the edge of the roof, which is the overhang eave. Building codes use the term "projection" when referencing eaves.