How to Iron Wool Pants

Melynda Sorrels

Ironing wool pants isn't that much different or more difficult to do than ironing any other type of pants. Taking wool pants to the dry cleaners can be a costly, unnecessary expense that can be easily avoided by ironing them at home.

Iron Wool Pants

It only takes a matter of minutes and wool pants can be given the sleek professional look that they were intended to have.

  1. Set the iron on the wool setting and give it at least five minutes to heat up.

  2. Place the pants on an ironing board and line up the legs, making sure all of the creases and seams are lined up together.

  3. Fold the top leg back, making sure the creases and seams are still lined up.

  4. Place a press cloth such as a handkerchief or washcloth over the bottom leg of the pants that is to be ironed. The press cloth prevents the pants from getting too much heat and getting burned.

  5. Move the iron back and forth over the press cloth, being sure not to press too hard by keeping the iron in constant motion, making back and forth motions from seam to crease. Iron from the top of the leg and work your way down moving the press cloth as you go.

  6. Flip the top leg down and turn the pants over to press the other leg. Repeat the same process on the other leg.

  7. Tip

    Holding the iron in one place for too long will leave iron-shaped press marks on the pants. Use a spray bottle to mist the pants while ironing to help prevent overheating.


    Use caution when handling an iron and press away from the body so as not to get burned.