Orange Oil Uses

An essential oil, orange oil is derived from orange rinds, typically a byproduct of orange juice production. People can purchase it in commercial products, or a lower-strength version can be created from orange peelings and water, covered and left sitting for a few days. Orange oil has many beneficial uses.

Orange Oil Uses


As an essential oil, orange oil has a pleasing and bright fragrance, traditionally used for uplifting the emotions and generating a calming effect. It can be used in scent burners, candles, soap and other products, or as a massage oil.

Inhaler Benefits

Orange oil also is helpful when added to a steam inhaler for bronchitis and other respiratory problems.

Wood Cleaning

Orange oil is included in several commercial furniture polish products, because it is effective at cleaning and revitalizing wood surfaces.

General Cleaning

The cleaning effects and pleasant fragrance also are the reason for its inclusion in many commercial household cleaners.

De-Greasing and More

Other orange oil uses include de-greasing and stain removal, not only for the kitchen but also for high-powered jobs like removing oil stains from a driveway. Orange oil is also good for removing adhesive.

Stain Removal

Orange oil can remove stains from fabric, although it may stain light-colored fabric.

Insect Control

Orange oil is an effective insect eliminator, and is frequently used for killing termites, as the fumes are safe for people and animals. Spraying this oil on lawns and gardens is not recommended, however, because it kills beneficial insects as well as harmful ones.