How to Clean a Marble Fireplace

Cassandra Tribe

Marble fireplaces can bring to any room a sense of luxury and warmth without a fire even being lit. The beauty of marble has made it a preferred decorative element, and its surprising durability has made it a good choice in constructing fireplaces.

The Luxury of a Marble Fireplace is Easy to Maintain

Often thought to be extremely porous, easy to stain and hard to care for, marble doesn't have to be any of those things. A porous cut of stone can be sealed, and you can clean most stains from a marble fireplace with relative ease.

  1. If the spill is fresh, blot at the liquid with a clean, soft rag. If the stain you want to clean on your marble fireplace is dry, dust the surface of the marble with a dry, soft rag until it is free of any debris.

  2. Add a small squeeze of mild dish soap to your hot water. Dip your sponge in the hot water, soak it and wring out the excess. Wipe the stain, don't scrub at it, but wipe three or four times, blot dry with a clean rag and examine the marble fireplace to see if the stain is gone.

  3. For stubborn stains that resist cleaning with a damp sponge, use a specialty marble cleaning product. It does not matter which one, as long as the product has been specifically designed for marble; read the back warning labels closely to make sure that it is. Follow the instructions carefully, as most contain a mild abrasive that could harm the finish on your marble fireplace.

  4. Blot the entire marble fireplace dry with a clean rag. Uncap your marble sealant and pour a small amount on the stone. Using a clean rag, spread the sealant over the stone in a circular, polishing movement. Do this until the stone glistens but does not feel wet to the touch. Let the stones dry for at least 24 hours before using your marble fireplace.

  5. Tip

    Wipe your marble fireplace with the hot water and mild dish soap 3 or 4 times a year and apply sealant at least once a year. This will help keep your marble fireplace clean and resistant to stains.


    Do not use any kind of acid to try and clean your marble fireplace, this includes any vinegar or any citric based cleaner. There is enough acid in vinegar and citrus to etch the finish of the stone and ruin the polish.