How to Draw the Car From Dukes of Hazzard

Andrew Dewitt

The Dukes of Hazzard, like the characters on "Knight Rider," are much less famous than their iconoclastic cars. The General Lee, the outlaw car of the Duke boys, had been ingrained in any child, teen or adult who watched this car launch over ramps, rivers and just about anything else.

Draw the Car From Dukes of Hazzard

Drawing the General Lee depends on adding the characteristic details such as the Rebel flag on the roof, the wide grill and the legendary orange paint job.

  1. Draw the body of the General Lee with a large rectangular cube. Do this by drawing a rectangle that is slightly diagonal on the page so that the right end is pointed to the upper right corner of the page. Add a short vertical line coming down from the upper left, lower left and lower right corners of the rectangle. Connect these lines together with two perpendicular lines sort of like a reversed "L" shape. Add a diagonally turned square on top of the back middle of this cube. The square will be the roof of the car.

  2. Draw the wheels with two circles on the side of the cube. Add a trapezoid to the front of the hood to create the windshield. Do this by drawing two lines coming off the upper left and lower left corners of the roof square. Connect these with a long line running across the hood of the car. Add the side windows with a triangle to the right side of the windshield. Draw a square to the right of the triangle and attach another triangle to the right side of this square.

  3. Draw the Confederate flag on the top of the hood of the car. Do this by drawing an "X" shape across the hood. Inside the "X" shape add 13 small stars. Draw the side door with a vertical line coming down the from the left corner of the side window. Add another vertical line coming down from the bottom right side of the side window's square guideline.

  4. Draw a large "01" on the side of the door. Add rims to the tires with small circles inside each wheel. Add the grill with two small rectangles on the front of the car. Add the bumper with a long thin rectangle to the front of the car just below the grill.

  5. Erase any guidelines that you do not wish to keep. Trace your pen along the pencil strokes. Set the illustration aside until the ink drys. Erase all of the remaining pencil.

  6. Color the entire body of the car orange. Color the stripes of the confederate flag blue, leave the stars white and color the background red. Color the "01" black. Color the bumper, windows and grill gray. Color the tires black.

  7. Tip

    You can use a ruler to ensure that your guidelines are all perfectly straight. This will enhance the quality of the finished illustration.


    Place a sheet of paper under your illustration when you color it so that the ink doesn't bleed through.