How to Protect Bamboo Floors

Trendy and eco-friendly, bamboo floors are an attractive option for your home. While they are durable, they must be protected in order to ensure that they continue to look beautiful for years to come.

Sweep your floors with a soft-bristled broom.
  1. Sweep your bamboo floors regularly to prevent dust and dirt particles from collecting on the surface. If allowed to sit on the surface, these particles will become ground in when you walk over them, resulting in scratches and divots. Be very careful if you choose to damp mop floors as too much water saturation can cause the strips to cup.

  2. It may seem obvious, but strategically place rugs in high-traffic areas to prevent uneven wear.

  3. When moving furniture, place felt pads on the bottoms of legs to prevent scratching the floor. Also, avoid wearing high-heeled shoes on bamboo floors -- especially stilettos. The intense pressure on a small point can dent your floor.

  4. To prevent discoloration of your bamboo floor, pull shades down during intense periods of sun. However, some lightening of the floor is unpreventable, so it's a good idea to rearrange your furniture and rugs from time to time (with those felt pads on, of course) so that the floor lightens evenly.

  5. Tip

    Use manufacturer-recommended cleaning products.