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How to Build a Wood Stove Base

Heide Braley

Many people enjoy the ambiance of a wood stove in the comfort of their homes. Since the 1990s, improved designs have brought the wood stove to a new level of efficiency.

Wood stove on rock base

Safety must be considered during the installation process because a wood stove is manned by opening a door to the fire, which can let sparks or embers into the room. Building a proper base is a must for having a safe installation of your wood stove.

  1. Decide on what type of heatproof surface you want under your stove. It can be as simple as floor tile that sells for just less than a dollar each, brick or even slate. Look around the room for colors to complement or match when you make your decision.

  2. Measure out the area where the base will be placed. The requirements for a wood stove are at least 18 inches in the front and back of the stove and at least 12 inches on either side. Set your stove where you want to install it, measure and use a pencil or piece of chalk to mark out the area.

  3. Lay down a layer of plywood the size of your marked area. Screw it into the floor, sinking the screws below the level of the surface of the plywood. This will give you a base to screw your wood trim into later.

  4. Cut concrete board to fit the space, and screw it down with 2-inch drywall screws. The flooring will conduct the heat and you need the concrete board for the extra insulation.

  5. Install the flooring of your choice. When it is dry and cured, if necessary, install wood trim around the outside perimeter of the base.