How to Walk on a Tile Roof

Jessica Reed

A tile roof adds class and charm to a house but can get broken or cracked in time. When you need to make a repair on the roof, it's best to avoid walking across the tile whenever possible. Gutters can be cleaned from a ladder, and problems with the edge of the roof can be fixed without ever setting foot on it.

Walk on a Tile Roof

But some problems require you to climb onto the roof to fix them. Here's how to walk on your tile roof to protect the tile and reduce the risk of damage while you're fixing any problems you may have up there.

  1. Step on the bottom of each tile where it overlaps the tile beneath it. The tile will be stronger in this area and less likely to break.

  2. Place your foot on each tile so that the arch of your foot curves over the curve of the tile. Arch your foot so your toes are in the groove between tiles, and the arch of your foot is on the top, or the curve, of the tile.

  3. Walk slowly and keep your weight evenly divided between both feet as often as possible.

  4. Step on the high points of S-shaped, or wavy, tiles.

  5. Keep your feet on separate tiles to minimize the weight you place in one area.

  6. Walk along the valley between sections of tile if this part is uncovered. In some cases, the metal or other surface underneath will be exposed, and you can walk along it to avoid the tile.


Use binoculars to inspect the roof, or climb a ladder and examine the tile from the top of the ladder to avoid walking on the roof as much as possible. If a tile does break, repair it as soon as possible so water doesn't leak underneath and onto the roof.


Do not walk on your roof when it's wet. You could slip and fall off.

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