How to Stop Flies and Maggots from Hatching in Your House

Corey M. Mackenzie

During warm weather, flies become active and may lay eggs on food scraps and other garbage in the home. Flies can enter the home easily by flying in whenever you open a door; therefore, window and door screens will not entirely prevent flies from entering your home.

Flies are attracted to garbage and other waste.

Keeping doors and windows closed will reduce the number of flies entering, however. There are other housekeeping habits you can adopt that will stop flies from using your home as a breeding ground.

  1. Keep a separate trash bin for food scraps and food packaging, which may still hold traces of food. This trash bin should be lined with a disposable plastic bag and lidded to prevent odor, which may attract flies, and prevent flies from entering the bin. Empty this bin nightly, either in your outdoor trash bin or on your compost pile when appropriate.

  2. Mop up food and beverage spills quickly. Even small spills left on the floor may attract flies into your home.

  3. Clean your kitchen counter tops and stove daily. Greasy stove tops and dirty counter tops may attract flies.

  4. Keep litter boxes scooped daily to remove feces. Flies are attracted to this waste. Discard the feces in an outdoor trash bin.

  5. Clean all trash containers weekly. Remove all trash and liners and hose the trash bins out with your garden hose. If food particles or sticky residue remain in the bin, scrub it with a soapy sponge.

  6. Hang fly paper near windows and any other area you notice flies. This is a non-toxic method for killing flies. Flies will land on the paper, get stuck and die.