Best Way to Hang a Scarf Valance

J. Taylor Ludwig

If you are tired of having the same old window treatments decorating your windows, such as blinds, shades, curtains and swags, how about trying a window scarf valance. A window scarf can set a window apart and make it stand out. It has the appearance of luxuriousness and sophistication.

Reviewing some ideas for window scarves will give you some tips on the best way to hang a scarf valance.

Hang the Scarf With Curtains

Window scarves look dashing when combined with curtains. To hang the scarf valance, open the window curtains, but do not tie them back. Center the scarf across the top of the window and allow it to hang down between the curtains about 8 inches from the top of the curtain rod to the top of the scarf. You can hang a scarf that is the same color of the curtains or hang a scarf in a different color that complements the curtains.

Hang Two Scarves With Curtains

Hang the first scarf valance with the curtains exactly as described above, but add a second scarf to the mixture. The second scarf should also be centered on the sides but should be draped around the first scarf in a weave all the way across. Starting from the left bracket, tuck the second scarf inside the first and pull it through. Repeat this process two more times, and then drape the scarf over the right bracket. This window treatment looks best if the two scarves are different colors.

Hang the Scarf More to One Side

The scarf valance does not always have to be centered across the curtain brackets. Hang the scarf so that it hangs closer to the floor on one side. It does not matter if it hangs down more on the right or the left. Choose the side that you thing looks best, and then hang the scarf so that one side is nearing the floor and the other side hangs down about 2 ½ to 3 feet from the curtain bracket.

Hang the Scarf Valance With a Shade

Hang the scarf by centering it as you did over the curtains, but use a shade to decorate the window instead of curtains. This window treatment looks nice with a colored shade and a neutral colored scarf or a neutral shade and a colored scarf. It also works well with a bamboo shade and a scarf of any color.