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What Is a Good Plexiglass Polisher & Scratch Remover?

Mel Frank

Plexiglass is a glass-like plastic, typically found on car light covers, fish tanks and some home and building windows. As plexiglass is more durable, and less likely to crack and shatter, it also comes with a more expensive price tag than glass.

This means it's important to polish and protect the plexiglass, as replacing the the entire piece of plexiglass can be costly. Lexan and Plexus are the two best-selling plexiglass polisher and scratch removers.


Lexan is a brand of products designed to clean and protect plastic and plexiglass. This product comes in three styles, #1, #2, and #3. Lexan #1 is designed to clean and polish. It removes dirt and buildup, and also applies a layer of wax that blocks dust and helps prevent scratching. Using this product twice a week will prevent the cloudy film that sometimes forms on plexiglass. Lexan #2 rubs out small, fine scratches, while also leaving behind a layer of glaze that prevents the cloudy film, and helps protect from scratches. Lexan #3 is made to repair and remove heavy scratches in plexiglass and plastic. You can buy Lexan in auto supply stores or online (see Resources). The bottles are usually 8-oz. bottles of liquid, which will provide dozens of cleanings, depending on surface size.


Plexus is another plexiglass polish and scratch removal product. This product comes in a single aerosol spray can, and you spray it directly onto the plexiglass surface. It easily buffs away scratches and imperfections, while cleaning and protecting the surface. This does not require strenuous scrubbing and buffing, simply spray on, and wipe off as you would with any glass cleaning product. Plexus works as an antistatic, meaning it will repel dust and debris, while the wax will leave a protective coat on the plexiglass, which will prevent scratches, stains, and discoloration. You can buy Plexus in auto supply stores and online (see Resources). This product is available in a 7- or 13-oz. spray can.

Prism Polish

Prism Polish is designed to clean and protect plexiglass. It comes in a bottle of cream, which you rub over the plexiglass surface. This product buffs out minor scratches, and leaves behind a layer of protective wax that will prevent scratches and discoloration. Prism Polish is sold at most hardware stores and by online retailers (see Resources).