Dog Repellent Home Remedy

Jerry Garner

While dogs are man's best friend, sometimes you need to keep them out of certain places around the home or yard. There are many dog repellents available at pet stores, such as electronic and ultrasonic pet repellents, but these can be pricey. Depending on your dog, personal preferences, and budget, you may opt for a much cheaper homemade repellent that can be just as effective as pet-store items.

Dog Repellent Home Remedy

Citrus Dog Repellent

Although many people find the scent of fresh citrus refreshing, dogs find the smell repulsive and tend to avoid areas containing that scent. This is probably the gentlest homemade repellent on both the dog and your own senses. For outdoor use, cut up lemon or orange slices and scatter them throughout your garden to keep dogs away. An upside of using lemon or orange slices in the garden is that they will decompose over time and help fertilize the soil. You can also mix half a cup of citrus juice or citronella oil with 4 cups of water for indoor use. Just put the mixture in a spray bottle and mist it on the areas you want to keep your dog away from.

Cayenne Dog Repellent

If a stronger repellent is needed, try using cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper is widely used as an ingredient in many commercial dog repellents. The capsicum in the pepper doesn't harm your dog, but it is especially irritating to dogs' skin, eyes, throat and nose. Cayenne pepper is readily available in the spice section of any supermarket.

For outdoor use, sprinkle the pepper among the plants to deter your dog from bothering them. The pepper won't harm your plants, but it will stop your dog. For indoor use, you can sprinkle the pepper in potpourri. You can also place a few dried chilis around the areas you want to keep your dog out of. Only a small amount of pepper or chili is needed to create an effective deterrent as your dog's acute sense of smell will pick up even a minute quantity of capsicum.

You can also mix the pepper in oil and use it as a spray on solution. Oil actually helps to release the capsicum.

Vinegar Dog Repellent

If nothing else seems to work and you need something truly heavy-duty, you may have to resort to vinegar. Vinegar is another cheap and common household item that will be effective as a dog repellent. The downside is that although its potent smell will deter your dog from certain areas, it will probably deter you as well. On the positive side, it doubles as a pet odor remover. You can use white vinegar, or apple cider vinegar or a slightly less pungent option.

Vinegar also cannot be poured directly onto your garden because it will kill your plants. Soak coffee filters in vinegar and, once dry, cut them into strips and place them in your garden instead.