How to Remove Mold From Walls & Baseboards

R.L. Cultrona

Doing your own remodel is a great way to save some money provided you have the time and the skill. When you remodel, you may find a mold problem. If so, clean the mold before you continue building. Cleaning mold, while dangerous, is actually a fairly easy task.

Take some precautions and follow some guidelines to eliminate mold and make your house safe.

  1. Cover all the doors and vents leading into the room with the plastic tarp and duct tape to create a sealed-in room.

  2. Use the dehumidifier to dry out the room as much as possible. Open up windows to keep the room dry.

  3. Vacuum out any dust in the room. Make sure the room is completely clean before you begin attacking the mold. Place an exhaust fan next to an open window to draw any dust out of the room.

  4. Spray the mold with water from the spray bottle. This will keep it from getting airborne and possibly contaminating other areas.

  5. Once the mold is wet, clean the with walls and baseboards with a lint-free rag in a solution of laundry detergent. Place the solution in a bucket and move the bucket around the room with you as you clean.

  6. After the mold has been cleaned away, clean the area again with anti-mold disinfectant. This will help kill any microscopic mold spores you may have missed. Anti-mold disinfectant can be purchased at any home improvement store.

  7. Discard any items you used in the cleaning process. Toss out anything you used to clean the mold with in a plastic trash bag and double bag it. Do not walk though the house with the bag. Instead throw it out a window before you take it to the trash

  8. Tip

    Keep the windows of the room open to help air circulate in your room and draw any mold spores away from the house.


    It is vital that your seal is airtight. Make sure you have enough tape and tarp to make this work. A closed door is not enough because spores can become airborne and get into the rest of the house

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