Comparison of Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners

Jamie L. Jackson

Several different models of Rainbow bagless vacuums are available for purchase, each with different features and accessories, motor power and cleaning capabilities. Features include a powerful "hurricane"

Comparison of Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners

motor, two-speed power control, adjustable-height power nozzle with trigger control, stainless-steel wands, water-bath filtration, HEPA neutralizer filtration, onboard computer control and an array of wand attachments.


Rexair authorized distributors sell E-Series Rainbow vacuums, of which there are two types: the E-Series Rainbow and the E-2 2 Speed Rainbow.

The E-Series and E-2 2 Speed Rainbow vacuums are alike in many ways, except that the E-2 has a slightly different motor that runs at two speeds, low and high. At low speed, the E-2 can be used as an air filtration system. At high speed, it performs the usual vacuuming functions seen in the E-Series.

Older models of Rainbow vacuum systems include the D3, D4, SE and SE PE.

The D3 model was introduced in 1980, and was approved for wet pickup. The D4 model was introduced in 1986 and featured improved motor power as well as some internal engineering changes.

Cleaning Performance

The Rainbow E-2 has a 12-amp motor that moves 80 cubic feet of air per minute. This is comparable to other bagless vacuums in the market.

The powerful advantage that the Rainbow vacuum has over other vacuums is the water-bath filtration system and the HEPA neutralizer that works in conjunction with the water filtration reservoir.The vacuum motor never loses suction because debris is not trapped in a bag. It is filtered directly into a water reservoir below the motor head.

The HEPA filtration system on E-Series Rainbow vacuums filters out 99.97% of all airborne allergens, benefiting owners who have allergies or sensitivity to pollen and dust.

While the vacuum is operating, it is filtering the air and expelling purified air through its exhaust system. The exhaust of the Rainbow E-2 is 100% free of allergens. Optional deodorizers and air fresheners can be purchased separately and added to the filter water to freshen the carpet, upholstery or air.


Special attachments add flexibility so the Rainbow vacuum can perform several different types of cleaning jobs.

The Power Nozzle attachment has its own motor and trigger to allow the user complete control of when the suction will turn on and off while vacuuming.

The RainbowMate attachment can vacuum furniture upholstery, stairs and automobile carpeting, and also contains its own motor.

The AquaMate attachment enables carpet and rug shampooing.

The Squeege allows the vacuum to wash wood and tile floors.

Ease of Use

The Rainbow is moderately easy to use. The main motor housing sits on top of the water reservoir, which is then locked into place through two locks on either side of the dolly wheel base. The electrified hose then attaches to the outside and onto one of the accessories, such as the Power Nozzle.

The total weight of the vacuum is 32 pounds when the water reservoir is full. This may be cumbersome for some owners. Additionally, the filter water must be changed with each operation and the water can get filthy, depending on the cleaning job.


The Rainbow vacuum is one of the most expensive vacuums on the market. It can cost $1,500 to $2,000, depending on the model and accessories. This is several times the average price of other bagless vacuums. However, the Rexair company provides its authorized distributors with a four-year written warranty on the Rainbow vacuum and an eight-year warranty on the motor and controller.

The Rainbow vacuum, when maintained properly, can last up to 20 years or more.