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Definition of an Attached Garage

Faith Davies
Table of Contents

An garage is a large enclosed space with a large rolling door that is typically used to park vehicles. An attached garage opens directly onto the rest of a home via a doorway, allowing you to walk from the car into the garage without going outside.


Attached garages are typically classified by how many cars can successfully park inside, such as a one, two, three or four car garage.


In addition to parking cars, attached garages can also be used for storage or to park other types of vehicles like small boats or motorcycles. Some people use garage space to have a room for hobbies such as classic car restoration, ceramics or woodworking.


In some cases, houses are built along with an attached garage. In others, homeowners add attached garages as a renovation project after the house is complete, using the existing walls on one end of the home.


Attached garages keep vehicles out of the harmful affects of the elements in areas affected by rain, snow or low temperatures. In most cases, attached garages are less expensive to add on than detached garages of the same size, according to ServiceMagic.


If the garage is meant to house activities that result in noxious fumes or dust, such as woodworking, a detached garage may be more beneficial to keep smells and dirt out of the house. Due to their layout, some homes do not have enough space for an attached garage.