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A-Frame House Remodeling Ideas for Wasted Space

Kim Durant

While living in an A-frame home offers perks including abundant natural light and a loft sanctuary, the architecturally out-of-the-ordinary design also poses challenges -- mainly, how to deal with steep, angled walls in a way that maximizes the usefulness of the space.

Whether you live in a tiny A-frame, off-the-grid house or a sprawling A-frame house, press your home's wasted space into service with smart interior remodeling.


Install bookshelves in narrow, hard-to-use spaces. This remodeling idea is particularly appropriate if you have a large personal library and if book storage currently occupies a substantial amount of space in your A-frame house. The unusual configuration of A-frame homes can make them seem small, especially if they are the tiny-cabin kind of A-frame. Remodeling to add built-in bookshelves frees up premium space.

Display Nooks

Construct nooks in the low, slanted areas of your A-frame to display cherished collector's items, trophies, beloved instruments, exotic-pet enclosures, family heirlooms or anything else you might wish to show off. Adding display nooks to your A-frame will not only provide a use for wasted space, it will also help you get more enjoyment out of your most important possessions.

Storage Shelves

Put in storage shelves on the awkward side walls of your A-frame. Such shelves are useful for canned goods, rarely accessed books, emergency supplies, out-of-season clothing and other items you do not need convenient access to. Save the easy-to-access storage areas of your A-frame for items you use often, such as perishable food and in-season clothing.


Build drawers in the "wasted space" areas of your A-frame, including underneath stairs and along the slanted walls in the bedrooms. Drawers are especially suitable for storing items that are unattractive, ungainly or private, such as extension cords, underwear, pet food, old journals and holiday decorations.