How to Make a Mobile Home into a Cabin

Stephanie Nolan

It’s time to turn your mobile home into a cabin. Converting a mobile home into a cabin does not require you remodel the entire home and prevents you from having to spend a large amount of money building a cabin.

Save money building your cabin by converting your mobile home into one.

When turning your mobile home into your cabin, use decorative items you currently own -- for example, quilts.

  1. Purchase land for your mobile home cabin. Take into account if you want your cabin near a lake or possibly near hunting grounds.

  2. Move your mobile home onto the land you purchased for your cabin. Contact your city to find out what permits you must obtain before moving your mobile home.

  3. Remove the paneling on the walls in the mobile home and install new wood paneling. To remove and install new paneling, shut off the power to the mobile home, and remove the nails holding it in place. Hold the new piece of paneling in the spot you removed the old piece and nail in place.

  4. Incorporate rustic furniture -- made from wood -- into your mobile home cabin. Select furniture made from natural elements -- for example, wooden chairs.

  5. Hang country-themed curtains on the windows -- for example, moose, bear or fishing curtains. Country-themed curtains remodel the look and feel to the room and the mobile home.

  6. Repurpose fishing, hiking, hunting or country-themed items throughout the mobile home cabin. Use fishing poles as curtain rods and decorate with fishing lures.

  7. Hang animal antlers in the home in place of traditional hooks. These work well for decorating cabins -- for example, hang towels in the bathroom on moose antlers.