How to Make Any Light a Motion Sensor

If you have ever walked into a dark room and stumbled, you have seen the need to convert a lamp to a motion-activated light. Converting to motion-activated lighting once meant you needed to replace your lamps and even rewire your home.

But today, it is a simple conversion, and you will no longer have to fumble around in darkness.

  1. Compare the different models and styles of motion-sensor light sockets. Look at your needs, such as the kind of light bulb to be used, the wattage required and the distance from the light that it detects motion. Since the sensor is attached to the screw-in socket, you can make any light a motion sensor.

  2. Purchase the correct light bulb,making sure the wattage will work with the sensor.

  3. Screw the light bulb into the socket and then screw the motion-activated socket into the fixture.

  4. Tip

    This is great for outdoor use. Your front or back door will light when there is any movement outside. Use it for your garage, basement, attics and walkways.


    Make sure you get the correct wattage for the light bulb you use. Most models of the motion-sensor sockets accept a range between 50 and 100 watts. Also, make sure that the light bulb that is not covered by glass or a lampshade.