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Difference Between Flat & Eggshell Paint

Risa Edwards
Table of Contents

Multiple paint finishes are available when painting a house. There are benefits and drawbacks to all of them. Room location and function should be considered when choosing a paint. Eggshell and flat are two of the most commonly used finishes used in homes.


Eggshell paint has a slight luster. It is much less shiny than gloss paint. Flat paint contains no luster and does not reflect light in the same way.

Stain Resistance

Eggshell paint resists stains better than flat. Eggshell finished may be wiped with a wet rag to remove the stain, but flat surfaces just absorb the water.


Flat paint is best for concealing dents and other imperfections in the wall. Eggshell shows some imperfections due to the reflection of the light.


Flat paint produces a rough texture that scratches easily. Eggshell is smoother and has a slicker texture.


Flat paint produces an even and uniform finish. It is a good choice for drywall. Eggshell does not appear as smooth and uneven paint jobs are more obvious.