How to Hide a Well Cover in Your Yard

Shelley Frost

You have an old well on your property that sticks out like a sort thumb and are looking for a way to conceal it. The well casing typically extends above the ground by at least 12 inches with a waterproof cover on top.

Covered well with bucket.

The exposed section protects the ground water in the well from contaminants, so it's necessary to keep dirt, debris and other objects away from the immediate vicinity. You also want to maintain access to the well cover. Choose a way to hid the well cover that protects your water source while minimizing the unappealing sight of the well.

Safety and Access Considerations

No matter how unattractive the well cover, you don't want to ruin the quality of the water, damage the well or restrict access to the well. A permanent structure placed too close to the well cover may have to be removed or damaged in order to gain access to the well if necessary. Large shrubs, trees or other plants with large root systems can cause damage when planted too close to the well. Use caution when digging hear the well so you don't cause damage. Call 811 if your covering option involves digging. Wait until all underground utilities are marked before you start your project.

Planting Options

Plants offer a quick and easy way to hide your well cover, but don't plant anything right around the cover. Leave a buffer of at least 1 foot around the well cover to allow access. Ornamental grasses work well for quick cover around the well. Many ornamental grasses grow several feet tall, so they will hide the cover completely. Another option is to plant a flower garden around the cover. You can also build raised beds around the cover. The raised bed adds height to help hide the well cover even in winter when the flowers aren't growing. Avoiding chemicals, such as fertilizers or pesticides, helps protect your well water, notes the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Garden Structures

If you don't want a living screen to hide your well cover, build or install garden structures in the area. Take the well theme to heart by building a wooden wishing well structure to go around the well cover. An open top on the wishing well still gives you access to the cover. You can also pick up the structure and move it if the well needs maintenance. If you have a particular theme in your yard, consider a custom structure to fit in. For a nautical theme, build a wooden lighthouse structure that will fit over the cover, for example. A wooden picket fence around the area creates a whimsical feel in the yard. Let vines grow along the fence for added decoration.

Positioning Techniques

Simply repositioning the items that are already in your yard can provide cover for the well cap. Create a focal point in a different area of the yard so the well cover isn't the first thing to draw your attention. Set up a seating area around a water feature, for example. Another option is to set up a seating area between the well cover and the front of the house. From the curb, the seating area is the only thing visible. The well cover remains hidden behind it. Painting the well cover to fit the surrounding items can also help it blend it and become less noticeable.