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Ionic Breeze Ozone Dangers

Brenda Priddy
Table of Contents

The Ionic Breeze air purifier is perhaps the most well-known air purifier in the world. It was known as a scientific way to cleanse and clean dust particles from the air. However, the product ended up creating more harm than benefit, as it was shown to produce unhealthy levels of ozone into the air.


The Ionic Breeze air purifier was created by the Sharper Image company. It was designed to improve air quality by removing harmful dust, pollen and allergens from the air by using negatively charged metal plates which draw the dust particles inside the purifier through charged electrons. When the plates were full they could be cleaned for additional uses. A small motor powered the device. The Ionic Breeze is no longer sold due to numerous reports about the unsafe levels of ozone that is produced by the unit.


The purpose of the Ionic Breeze was to increase the air quality in a room. Many people who suffer from allergies used the Ionic Breeze in their homes to pull some of the dust and other harmful substances from the air. Nursing homes, individual households and many small businesses used the Ionic Breeze to cleanse the air from their buildings. While some people still use the Ionic Breeze, most people no longer use the unit due to health concerns.


The Ionic Breeze emits a high level of ozone into the air. This is caused by the negatively charged ions that are created by the system. The Environmental Protection Agency lists high levels of ozone in the air as a toxic gas. Because of the high levels of ozone that the Ionic Breeze produced, Consumer Reports helped organize a class action law suit against the Sharper Image company that eventually caused the Sharper Image to go bankrupt.

Health Risks

Ozone can cause numerous problems both to allergy and asthma suffers and individuals who do not usually suffer from these conditions. Since ozone is a toxic gas when inhaled, it can cause serious lung damage over time. Ozone can also trigger asthma and allergy attacks simply by reducing the level of breathable air inside a room. The air particles that the Ionic Breeze does collect eventually fall off of the system which causes higher concentrations of dust and harmful allergens in one large area.


If you use an Ionic Breeze in your home then it is best to stop the use of the machine as soon as possible. Many reports have shown that the Ionic Breeze and other similar air purifiers can actually cause more harm than good. The units release smaller particles of dust and allergens that can be inhaled causing respiratory problems. A better way to filter the air is through the use of HEPA air purifiers.