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What Is a Ball Catch Door?

John Geisel
Table of Contents

A ball catch door is a door with a ball catch mechanism mounted on the top or side and hidden from view. The ball catch mechanism consists of a spring-loaded ball that catches and holds the door closed.

Ball catch doors are generally used indoors.


The ball catch mechanism provides a sleek appearance while still allowing the door to swing in either direction.


Ball catch doors do not require the twisting of a doorknob to open--you simply push or pull to open.

Because ball catch mechanisms do not supply much security, they are used primarily indoors for closet doors and sometimes for outer screen doors.


Ball catch mechanisms can be purchased in a variety of colors and sizes. They are constructed from steel, with the ball itself usually made of brass.


After initial installation, ball catch mechanisms should be oiled, but they require no further maintenance for their operational lives.

Fun Fact

Ball catch mechanisms are often used with dummy spindles or fake doorknobs.