How to Treat Lice on Upholstery

Ashley Kurz

Treating lice in your home can be a tedious process. The treatment of humans and laundry is common, but it is also necessary to treat your upholstery. Your upholstery can become infested when a person with lice sits or lies on your furniture.

Lice can also travel to your upholstery from carpets and other items that are infested. It is crucial to treat your upholstery along with everyone and everything else in your home to completely end a lice infestation.

  1. Vacuum your furniture thoroughly. Use a wand attachment to reach any cracks and crevices.

  2. Seal the vacuum bag, or dump the vacuum's canister into a sealed plastic bag.

  3. Dispose of the bag in a trashcan outside of your home.

  4. Use a spray or powder form of lice treatment that is meant for upholstery, and apply it according to the manufacturer's instructions.

  5. Repeat the process as needed to control lice in your home.