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What Chemicals Do I Use in a Mosquito Fogger?

Robert Alley

Mosquitoes present a health risk as well as a nuisance to outdoor activities during the summer. They carry diseases harmful to human, thus making mosquito control more important than just preventing a few bug bites.

Mosquito foggers aid in disease control.

One of the several methods available to keep the mosquito population under control around your home is the mosquito home fogger. Home foggers utilize the same principles for control as commercial foggers employed by local governments.


Malathion is one type of chemical to use with your mosquito fogger. Malathion works by killing adult mosquitoes. It has been available for use in the United States since 1956. In addition to home use it is used in agricultural settings and by governmental agencies for large scale spraying. Its use does not cause unreasonable health risks, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


Two types of pyrethroids, a synthetic product available for home use, include permethrin and sumithrin. A third pyrethroid, resmethrin, is not available for home use due to its toxicity to fish, according to the EPA. All of the pyrethroids work by killing adult mosquitoes. Hardware and other stores sell many products that include permethrins, according to the Colorado State University Extension. Many of these products consist of prepared foggers that do not require any preparation before use.


The chrysanthemum plant produces a natural insecticide for use in your mosquito fogger known as pyrethrin. The plant produces two types of pyrethrin: pyrethrin-I which is only available to certified users and pyrethrin-II which is available for home use. Use of this product is safe in doses recommended by the manufacturer. It works by disabling the adult mosquito through its nervous system which eliminates most mosquitoes.


Naled is another chemical available for mosquito foggers. It kills adult mosquitoes and the EPA considers it safe for use. Foggers using naled spray fine droplets of the chemical into the air where it kills mosquitoes upon contact. Like all foggers it is effective for spraying large outdoor areas.