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Home Remedy for Mites and Pests in Upholstery

Jennifer Eblin

Dust mites and other types of pests, including bed bugs, tend to dwell in upholstery or fabric-covered furniture and beds. Those with allergies experience problems when dust mites live in or around their home.

Other types of bugs, such as bed bugs, pose other types of problems, as the bugs bite and feed off human blood. Home remedies for mites and other pests keep your home safe and free from the bugs.


For upholstery that zips away from the furniture, wash the fabric. The water should reach at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit, which kills dust mites, bed bugs and other types of pests. Laundry detergents and laundry soap won’t kill the bugs, but do add a light scent to the fabric. Wash any stuffed animals, pillows or other bedding in the area as well. Even if you kill the pests in the upholstery, pests left behind in surrounding areas will infest the upholstery again.


Dry all washed items at a high temperature. Vacuum the upholstery at least once a week, with a vacuum cleaner designed for allergy sufferers, which removes any pests from the upholstery.


Wrap upholstered items in plastic wrap, covering all areas of the upholstery. Set the items outside on a sunny day, when the temperature is high enough that the inside of the plastic reaches 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Leave the items outside for at least one day to completely kill the bugs and pests inside.


Keep your home safe with specially made covers for mattresses and box springs, which are also known as dust mite covers or bed bug covers. Turn off any humidifiers in the house and keep your home at a cool and dry temperature. Dust mites prefer areas that are warmer and have a high humidity level. Also place covers over heating ducts in your home to trap any small particles, including any dust mites. Avoid bringing used upholstered items into your home unless you thoroughly inspect the items first or professionally clean the items beforehand.