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Can Bed Bugs Live in Leather?

Sawyer Howard

With bed bug infestations increasing, more people are exposed to these reddish-brown biting nuisances. Found in hotels and homes, furniture and clothing, these wingless bugs occur in great numbers and can be hard to get rid of without professional help.

Because they are often found where we sleep, bed bugs are particularly psychologically upsetting.

The Bad News

Bed bugs can live in leather furniture.

Bed bugs live in any place that is small and dark. Small cracks, holes and seams in furniture and walls are all places bed bugs will populate. Leather furniture and clothes have small dark places just like any other material, so bed bugs can live in leather items.

The Good News

Leather isn't a good climbing surface for bed bugs.

Although they can live in leather, bed bugs are less likely to inhabit leather items. Leather is not a good climbing surface for these bugs so they tend to avoid it in favor of easier living environments.


Consider a vinyl covering if you're worried about bed bugs infesting your furniture.

Vinyl items are also hard for bed bugs to climb, so vinyl coverings may help keep bed bugs away from certain items. If you find you do have a bed bug infestation, contacting pest control is the quickest and safest option of ridding yourself of these pests.