How to Put Together a Sleigh Bed

Jessica Fletcher

Sleigh beds provide unique designs to a bedroom area. For kids to adults, they have a distinct look that stands out from all other beds. However, this particular piece of furniture can be difficult to put together.

If you've recently acquired one, you need to pay careful attention to the procedure to avoid any dangerous results.

  1. Align the headboard and footboard with the side rails.

  2. Attach the headboard and footboad to the side rails. If the bed model has an opening for wooden slots, simply slide the pieces and press down to lock them in place. Otherwise use nails and hammer the pieces together.

  3. For every slat (support piece of wood at the bottom of the bed), drill two holes on each side of the slat and the corresponding side rail (which should have an inner bar for them to lay upon).

  4. Insert the wooden screws to fit through the slat and the side rail. The bed should provide the appropriate screws (and possibly pre-drilled the holes).

  5. Tighten screws with phillips-head screwdriver. Continue to twist screwdriver until it resists further rotations.

  6. Place the mattress matching your headboard-to-sideboard dimensions over the slats.

  7. Place the sheets and pillows upon the bed.

  8. Tip

    You may want to use a partner help complete the assembly.


    When assembling, be sure to wear necessary body supports (i.e. a back support belt).