How to Keep a Garage Warm

The average garage serves as both a storage spot and a workshop area for home improvement projects. Whatever the uses, a warm garage makes work more tolerable during the cold months. An unfinished garage often drops to very low temperatures in winter.

A few simple strategies will help raise the reading on the garage thermometer. If the budget doesn't allow a full overhaul of the garage, work with the building's current condition to keep it warm.

  1. Assess the areas in the garage that allow cold air in or warm air out of the garage. Look for gaps near the windows or cracks in the wall. Check the seals (weatherstripping) on the doors of the garage. Make a list of these areas.

  2. Seal any holes or leaks in the garage walls and windows. Use caulk to seal small cracks or gaps around the windows. Replace cracked or broken window panes.

  3. Add a layer of insulation in the garage walls and ceiling. Even a small amount of insulation adds warmth to an unfinished garage.

  4. Use an old blanket or towels to block drafts along the base of the garage door or windows. This temporary solution prevents cold winds from entering drafty areas.

  5. Cover the garage windows with plastic. Special window plastic kits are available to make the process easy. Leave the plastic on the windows for the cold months to keep out the wind and cool air.

  6. Replace an old garage door with a new insulated door. An old garage door may leak a great deal of cold air. Simple insulated garage doors are available for around $600 for a single garage and $1,200 for a double, making it a relatively inexpensive upgrade.

  7. Add a garage heater to the area. Choose a heater specifically designed for garages. Regular space heaters are a fire hazard when operated near chemicals and sawdust.

  8. Tip

    Incandescent light bulbs in the light fixtures generate some heat. Turn on the lights before you plan to work in the garage for a little extra heat. Wear layers of clothing when working in the garage for extra warmth.