Gorilla Glue Cleaning

Jonita Davis

Cleaning up the mess from a super glue disaster can be difficult. Some of the materials that you would use to clean up normal spills are incapable of handling Gorilla Glue epoxy spills. There is also the sticky element. The glue will bond the skin if it comes in contact.

It can potentially ruin surfaces if not cleaned immediately. In fact, attacking the spill immediately is the only way to properly clean up Gorilla Glue.

Cleaning Surfaces

According to the Gorilla Glue manufacturers, the epoxy bonds to glass, wood, steel, aluminum, ceramics and tile. It also dries quickly. Thus, a spill on any of these surfaces warrants immediate action. Gorilla Glue Inc. recommends cleaning the wet excess glue with a rag that is dry. You can also wet the rag with paint thinner. Wipe with small strokes to clean the spill without spreading it. Clean off all the glue that hasn’t dried. Do so quickly to prevent bonding. Grab a chisel, sandpaper or some sort of scraper. Scrape away the larger chunks of dried glue and sand off the rest. You can also use acetone to wipe away small amount of spilled glue on a project.

Cleaning the Skin

If you get the glue on your skin, again, take immediate action. Wipe away the wet glue with a dry rag. Immerse the glued skin in warm, soapy water. You can also immerse it in acetone. Gorilla Glue Inc. recommends “wiggling” the affected skin to allow the soapy water or acetone to get under the glue. After a while, the Gorilla Glue will slip right off. Do not try to pull it off until the glue has loosened. Doing so can cause removal of the skin as well. This method also works for parts of a project or items that have been glued but are small enough to fit in warm, soapy water or acetone soak.


Gorilla Glue Inc. warns that acetone will discolor certain materials, so test before submerging. If the glue is ingested, do not induce vomiting because, according to Gorilla Glue Inc., the saliva can harden the glue before it gets into the throat. Do not try to separate lips until they have been loosened with a warm, soapy water soak (no acetone on the face).


According to gorillaglue.com, the product should always be used in an area that's well-ventilated. If inhalation causes irritation to the nose, throat and respiratory tract, take the project outside where there is fresh air.