Design for Rocks Around Pond

Sarah Tidwell

Setting rocks around a pond requires some form of design concept. If you just throw them around without much thought, it will make your space look messy and uninviting. Rock designs enhance the look of your water feature and can also act as a support structure for the pond wall.

The best method for creating a design is to determine the area around the pond that you want to add appeal and try out a few concepts.


Determining the area you want to add a rock display will help you figure out the best design. For instance, if you want to spruce up the back of a pond, use small rocks and a series of larger ones to build up that space. This method creates a rock wall that highlights and frames the pond. Also create a small wall on the sides of the pond to accentuate it, but keep the area in front of the water fairly flat.

Rocks around the Pond

If you want to put rocks around the entire pond, you have a couple of options. You can lay similar-sized small rocks around the edge that are contained in that space by garden edging. A garden edger is ideal for keeping gravel rocks confined. Flat pieces of flagstone are another excellent way to line the outer banks of a pond. If you place the flagstone right on the bank, one after another, you create a sturdy surface around the pond. This style protects the walls of the pond by using the weight of the stones to compact the soil below. If you like this idea as well as the scattered stone concept, simply combine the two. After you lay the flat stones on the pond edge, put the gravel rocks behind them, out as far as you want, and then add the garden edger.

Large Stones and Boulders

Larger stones are attractive when they are concentrated in areas around the pond. Because their size can hinder your view of the water, place them after some thought. One large boulder is eye-catching and can double as a seat, but if you add too many of them, they will make the pond appear small. Consider displaying one large stone and a series of smaller ones. You can even lay down gravel rocks and set the boulder within them. Flagstones are another design option you can add to a boulder and a ground full of gravel rocks. Lay the flagstones from the boulder to the end of the gravel rocks to create a functional path. This design will prevent you from disturbing the small stones and help keep them neatly in place.