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How to Clean & Remove Sand From Hardwood Floors

Rett Baldwin

Whether you recently went to the beach, or you're lucky enough to live on one, sand can be a problem. Kids track sand in on their feet and it can blow in through the windows. Regardless of how the sand got in your house, there are some incredibly simple solutions for cleaning and removing sand from hardwood floors.

  1. Sweep the floor first with a microfiber dusting pad or Swiffer (with fringe, if possible). Move along the baseboards first and work your way into the center of the room. Be sure not to lift up the pad as you do this. Sweep all of the larger debris into one location and remove. Replace the dusting pad as needed, until most of the sand is removed.

  2. Spray the floor lightly with a hardwood floor cleaner and mop. Use a bucket of water to periodically remove excess sand from the mop. Start at the edges of the room and work your way to the center.

  3. Once you're done mopping, let it air until the floor is dry. Once the floor is dry, consider placing mats at entrances to the house. Have people remove their shoes when they enter the room. Sand will collect on the mats, and you can periodically shake them out.