How to Restring a Patio Chair

Nikki Cash

Patio chairs with vinyl straps are commonplace in backyards and pool decks. They are light, comfortable and cheap, and the keys to its success are the vinyl straps. But because the chairs are left outdoors, they are prone to sun and water damage, making the vinyl straps brittle and cracked.

Replacing these straps is an efficient solution to reinvigorating old patio chairs.

How to Restrap a Patio Chair

  1. Cut off the old straps with a pair of scissors and pull the remaining stubs out from their holes.

  2. Clean the chair. Use a damp cloth, and soap if necessary, to clean debris, grime and grease off the chair's frame.

  3. Measure the distance between the frames where the new straps will be inserted with a cloth measuring tape. Wrap the measuring tape around the frame as the vinyl straps would do. Multiply that measurement by 0.85 and add 1 inch to that. The end number will be the measurement. The measurement is shortened because the vinyl strap will extend when heated; according to ChairCarePatio.com, you must heat the straps in order to properly stretch them over the chair's frame.

  4. Cut the new vinyl straps, referencing the end measurement. Punch a hole at each end, about 1 inch away from the ends; make the holes with a 3/16-inch drill bit. Cut the corners of the ends so that they will not protrude when inserted into the frame.

  5. Put the straps into a pot of boiling water and leave in for five minutes. Dry them afterward.

  6. Attach rivets to the holes of the straps and push them into the frame. Stretch the vinyl straps around and over to the other side of the frame, and insert the other rivet of the strap.