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How to Use Danco Waterproof Grease

Jeffrey Brian Airman

Use Danco waterproof grease to lubricate rubber seals, washers and O-rings in faucets and hoses. Petroleum-based lubricants can cause rubber seals to degrade and fail at a rapid rate. Danco waterproof grease conditions the rubber inside water fittings, making them work better and last longer.


Coat the rubber components of water dispensing devices with Danco waterproof grease to reduce leaking and water waste. Extend the life of water fixtures and save money on your water bill with regularly scheduled applications of waterproof grease.

  1. Take apart the faucet or water nozzle with your hands or an adjustable wrench. Sort through all the seals and O-rings and discard any that are worn or torn.

  2. Open the top of the container of Danco waterproof grease and scoop a small bead onto the tip of one finger. Fully coat the new replacement seals and those in good enough condition to be reused in a thin layer of grease.

  3. Assemble the faucet or water nozzle carefully, remembering to include every grease-covered rubber seal and washer.

  4. Clean your hands with hot water and concentrated dishwashing liquid before tightening any loose faucet components.

  5. Wipe off any Danco waterproof grease that remains on the outside of the assembled faucet with a dry shop towel.

  6. Tip

    Rubber washers, seals and O-rings are inexpensive and should be replaced with ones in perfect condition every time you take your water fixtures apart for a repair.