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How Do You Put a Kitchen Sink Water Faucet Back Together?

Steven Symes

You need to take a kitchen faucet apart in order to repair any leaks from either the spout or the base of the faucet. You also have to take the faucet apart to install a new sink. Reassembling the sink's faucet requires only common tools, not the specialized tools used for some other plumbing jobs. Even though some faucets use a disc, others use a cartridge and yet others use a ball with springs and rubber seats, the process of putting the faucet back together is very similar.

No matter the type of faucet in your kitchen sink, the steps for reassembly are generally the same.
  1. Apply plumber's grease to the faucet's O-rings and slide them back over the base of the faucet so each one rests in one of the two channels. Slide the spout back over the faucet's base, wiggling it left and right until it sits firmly in place.

  2. Insert the O-rings in the faucet's plastic valve disc, if the faucet is so equipped, and then insert the valve disc into the hole in the top of the faucet. Coat the faucet's valve parts with plumber's grease.

  3. Twist the faucet's plastic valve cartridge clockwise, if the faucet has a cartridge, using a wrench to turn it until you feel resistance. Place the new rubber seats and metal springs in their slots inside the faucet, using a pair of tweezers. Next, press the ball assembly into the faucet and slide the plastic packing and cam back over the ball.

  4. Insert and tighten any screws in empty screw holes in the faucet assembly, and reinsert any metal pins or clips into their slots. Turn the metal dome piece or plastic retainer nut that sits over the faucet assembly clockwise, using a pair of pliers whose jaws are wrapped with electrical tape to tighten the cap completely.

  5. Insert any plastic adapter pieces in place and tighten the adapter's retaining screw, using a screwdriver. Place the faucet's handle on the top of the faucet and tighten the handle's retaining screw, using an Allen wrench.

  6. Turn on the water supply to the faucet by either turning the handles under the sink counterclockwise or by opening the house's main water valve. Turn on the faucet and inspect it for any leaks.