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How to Install a ROHL Faucet

Damon Koch

Rohl makes many styles of faucets for the kitchen and bath, combining functionality with modern designs. The installation process for all Rohl faucets is basically the same. If you have purchased a Rohl faucet, you can install it yourself with some basic tools and a moderate investment of time and effort.

Step 1

Wrap the threads of the hot and cold water shut-off valves clockwise with Teflon tape. The tape will help seal the connection once the supply hoses are installed.

Step 2

Thread the small fitting of the water supply hoses onto the shut-off valves clockwise. Tighten the fittings with an adjustable wrench.

Step 3

Set your Rohl faucet on the sink top with the faucet stems inserted into the holes in the top. Ensure that the fixture is sitting squarely on the sink top. Hand thread the faucet nuts that are supplied with the faucet onto the ends of the faucet stems underneath the sink basin. Check that the fixture did not move during the installation of the nuts and tighten them using a basin wrench.

Step 4

Apply Teflon tape to the ends of the faucet stems clockwise and hand tighten the supply hoses to the stems. Ensure that the hot and cold hoses are attached to the correct faucet stems. Tighten the hose fittings using the adjustable wrench.

Step 5

Turn on the water supply, which was turned off when the old faucet was removed. Turn the handle or knob on the shutoff valves completely counterclockwise to turn on the water. Tighten the supply hose fitting slightly to eliminate any drips.