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How to Take Apart a Franke Faucet

Andrea Walk

Franke faucets are designer faucets manufactured by Franke Kitchen Systems, a company that specializes in contemporary kitchen fixtures such as faucets, sinks, stove ranges, sanitary systems and water filtration systems. There may come a time, if you need to replace a part or if you are going to change out countertops, that you may have to remove the Franke faucet or take it apart. It will take about an hour to take your Franke faucet apart.

Step 1

Open the area under the counter and shut off the water valves.

Step 2

Place a drain pan of some sort beneath the pipes.

Step 3

Use the adjustable wrench to loosen and remove the side sprayer hose from the main faucet line. Use a plastic putty knife to slip under the base of the side sprayer until you work it loose. Pick it up and remove it from the sink top, removing its attached hose out through the sink mounting hole.

Step 4

Adjust the wrench to fit the brass bolts on the hot and cold water lines on the main faucet connection, turning them to the left to disconnect them and letting any trapped water fall into the drip pan.

Step 5

Slide a putty knife under the base of the main faucet to work it loose from the sink.

Step 6

Use a pair of pliers to remove the small pin from the faucet top and then remove the top cap of the faucet. Use an adjustable wrench to remove the rest of the faucet top assembly.