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How to Remove the Middle Piece in a Bathroom Sink

Andrew Todd

A faucet pop-up is installed directly into the drain of your bathroom sink. The pop-up is connected to a lever that is often located behind the faucet, and can be pulled up to lower the pop-up. When the pop-up is lowered, it is pulled into the drain, forming a seal that prevents any water from exiting the sink. When the lever is pushed back down, the pop-up will lift, allowing water to flow from the sink. The pop-up is connected to the sink and faucet assembly with a bolt placed behind the underside of the sink, and it can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement.

A pop-up is typcially found in bathroom sinks.
  1. Remove the contents in the cabinet below the sink, then place a paint tray under the sink to catch any water drips.

  2. Remove the nut by connecting the top of the vertical metal strap to the lift rod running into the bottom of the sink. The strap is a long, flat metal piece with several holes in it.

  3. Remove the strap, along with the clip, from the horizontal pop-up rod, running into the vertical drain pipe below the sink.

  4. Unscrew and remove the pivot nut, connecting the lift rod to the drain pipe just below the sink.

  5. Remove the rod and plastic inserts from the drain pipe below the sink.

  6. Pull the pop-up valve out of the top of the drain.