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How to Remove a Corroded Old Bathtub Drain


Bathtub drains can become outdated or may need to be replaced if they are not efficiently draining tub water. Removing a corroded old bathtub drain does not take a lot of time or effort once you have all the right tools in place.

Replace a corroded bathtub drain if water is not draining efficiently.

Use caution by gently removing the drain from the tub to avoid any costly repairs from damaged drain parts.

  1. Remove the drain plug. Create your own drain remover with a pair of slip-joint pliers and a thick screwdriver. Slide the pliers' handles down into the drain, past the X-shaped metal arms inside. Place a screwdriver between the handles and use it as a lever to unscrew the drain.

  2. Disconnect the drain assembly once the drain is removed. Remove the screws in the overflow coverplate and disconnect the coverplate along with any attached drain plug linkage.

  3. Remove the overflow pipe. Unscrew its slip nut (the device that secures the rest of the drain to the pipe), lifting it from the pipe. Stuff an old rag into the waste pipe after the overflow pipe is removed. This will keep sewer odors and gases from entering your home.