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How to Remove the Drain From a Fiberglass Bathtub

Marissa Robert

Sometimes leaky bathtub drains cause water damage to surrounding spaces, and sometimes they just look dated. Either way, you should pull that drain out and examine the plumbing to get everything looking and running like new.

Remove the Drain

  1. Lay down a few bathmats in the fiberglass tub, so boots and tools do not scratch, gouge or otherwise damage it.

  2. Remove the original drain assembly. Some are screwed right into the crosshairs of the drain basket, which means you can simply unscrew them and set them aside. Others have a hair catch set into the drain above it. If it is screwed in, unscrew it from inside the tub and pull it up.

  3. Unscrew the drain basket. Some are caulked in, so this can require some elbow grease, but a basket wrench makes the job much easier.

  4. Unscrew the overflow plate from the side of the tub and pull it out. For some drain sets, this also includes the stopper.

Replace the Drain

  1. Check and replace any loose or corroded pipes under or behind the tub. If the pipes are old, take the opportunity to just replace the set with new PVC piping. Thread with plumber's tape to keep joints from leaking.

  2. Caulk the bottom edge of the new basket, and thread it into the pipes. Replace the overflow plate and stopper set and drain plug.

  3. Place the hair catcher on the drain and screw it down.