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How to Get a Kohler Drain Stopper Out

Matthew Ferguson

Sinks and bathtubs alike contain drains to allow for the disposal of wastewater. When filling the sink or bathtub, your Kohler drain stopper prevents water from escaping. Opening the stopper offers water a passage into the drain. In time, mold and soap scum clinging to the bottom of the stopper prevent water from flowing effectively. Taking the proper steps when removing your Kohler stopper -- for cleaning or other maintenance -- avoids potential damage to the stopper or its lift assembly.

Sink Drain Stopper

Step 1

Raise your Kohler sink stopper to the up position.

Step 2

Look beneath the sink for a horizontal rod protruding from the side of the drainpipe. The rod connects at the other end to the clevis -- a perforated metal strap that links the rod to the stopper lever on the surface of the sink.

Step 3

Loosen the retaining nut where the pivot rod meets the drainpipe.

Step 4

Slide the pivot rod from its hole in the drainpipe. Removing the rod frees the stopper for removal.

Step 5

Pull your Kohler sink drain stopper up and away from the drain hole.

Bath Drain Stopper

Step 1

Raise your Kohler bathtub drain stopper to the up position.

Step 2

Determine how much of the stopper assembly to remove. Your Kohler bathtub stopper connects to a toggle arm inside the drain. A lift rod at the other end of the arm forces the arm -- and stopper -- to pivot up and down.

Step 3

Turn the stopper counterclockwise for removal of the stopper only. If necessary, use a damp rag to provide increased grip. If removing the stopper along with the toggle arm, grab hold of the stopper before pulling it up and away from the drain.