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How to Remove the Metal Clip From a Sink Sprayer Hose

Kenneth Crawford

The sink sprayer head is actually in two parts on your sprayer hose. The head is one piece that threads onto the second piece, the head base, that is on the end of the hose. When the head base develops cracks or damage, you can replace the base once you remove the metal clip from the top of the sprayer hose. This metal clip keeps the head from falling off the hose. Once you remove the clip, the connecting base will come off and you can replace the base and sprayer head.

Step 1

Turn off the water supply to the kitchen sink. The shut-off valves are under the sink on the two incoming water lines. Turn the valve knobs clockwise to turn off the water.

Step 2

Grab the sprayer and turn on the faucet. Squeeze the sprayer handle to remove any residual water that may be in the sprayer hose. Once all the water is sprayed out, turn off the faucet.

Step 3

Hold the sprayer hose in one hand near the base of the sprayer head. Turn the sprayer head counter-clockwise with your other hand to remove the sprayer head from the hose. The sprayer head has two parts: the head itself and the base of the head that secures to the top of the sprayer hose. After removing the head, the top of the hose is almost flush with the top of the head base.

Step 4

Hold the sprayer head base and push the hose up to reveal the metal clip that surrounds the top plastic piece of the hose. The clip is a semi-circle piece of metal that fits around a groove on the plastic hose tip. By grabbing the head base and pushing the hose up slightly, the clip is visible on the tip of the hose.

Step 5

Place the tip of a small flathead screwdriver over one of the clip ends and push the end toward the center circumference of the hose. Position the clip so that you push away from your body and not toward your body.

Step 6

Grab the clip with a set of needle-nose pliers and slowly pull the clip off the end of the hose. You can now pull the sprayer head connecting base from the hose.