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How to Repair Knife Cut Marks on a Kitchen Formica Counter

Kristan Hart

Preparing food on your kitchen counter requires you use a variety of tools, including sharp objects such as knives. You can use a cutting board or some other surface between your chopping and your Formica countertop, but it’s often inevitable that you will cut or scratch the countertop at some point.

When you notice those scratches, you can repair knife cut marks on a Formica counter to keep your counter looking new.

  1. Inspect the areas where the Formica countertop has suffered damage. Extensive scratching that cuts through the laminate top are not repairable. Minor scratches that simply knick the surface of the laminate are easy to repair.

  2. Clean the scratches with vinegar. Pour a small amount of vinegar onto the countertop in the areas where the scratches are. Use a rag to rub the vinegar into the scratches. This helps remove any stains that might have gotten into the knife cut marks on your Formica countertop.

  3. Rinse the scratched area with water and allow it to dry.

  4. Apply car wax to the knife cut marks to help buff out the scratches. Apply a thin layer of car wax to your countertop. Let it sit for about five minutes, then wipe it off with a lint-free cloth.